It is no secret that skin spots and blemishes can make our skin look older. That explains the popularity of different lightening and brightening treatments. Before you start any of these treatments you should know that the success of your lightening treatment will depend on two things: what has caused your hyperpigmentation and how deep

What do I need to know about skin?

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In order for us to properly take care of our skin and keep it healthy we need to understand its functions as an organ. Skin protects our body from pathogens, UV radiation, physical damage, regulates body’s temperature through perspiration and blood flow, informs us about the external environment though sensation, and plays a vital role

Open House Every Tuesday!

Open House Every Tuesday!

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Don’t have an appointment, no worries! We hold an open house at our school every Tuesday at 12 pm for every prospective student or client. Prospective students: If you are curious about our programs and courses feel free to drop by to get your questions answered. You can see our school facilities, observe our students

Facial Facts & Fantasies

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Facial treatments are relatively new in America, though they have been around for a very long time. As far back as ancient Egypt, women used herbal, mud, and clay facial masks. For almost a century, facials have enjoyed popularity throughout Europe. The French are leaders in harvesting and processing mineral-and-nutrient-rich algae, mud, sea water from

How to make your skin look good longer

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We all would like our skin to look absolutely good and younger, for as long as possible. In the 21 century this concern is not a simply matter of vanity. The longevity of our career could depend on your appearance. As much as we try to fight this reality, the fact of the matter is

Why Do We Have To Get Professional Facials

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Professional facials are available in various styles. It involves cleansing the face with a facial cleanser, following with steam, produced by a vaporizing machine, for about 10 minutes. An enzyme exfoliant is usually applied during steaming and removed directly after. The esthetician then cleanses out the pores by moving the skin around to force clogs

Today, Chemical Peels continue to be a popular choice for clients, even with the advanced techniques such as laser peeling and light therapy. Chemical peels are tried and true: there is a wealth of information about them. They have stood the test of time when treating appropriate clients. Skin care therapists have every reason to